From Mombasa To Memphis Book Cover

From Mombasa To Memphis

Author:Dorian Baxter
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Published Date:August 5, 2017
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This book demonstrates the phenomenal impact Elvis Presley has had and continues to have on the lives of millions of people from every race, culture, and creed around the world. In the short forty-two years Elvis lived on this planet he managed to capture the imaginations of men, women, and children of every age group. Transcending all these barriers including many music genres, he earned the words of the great John Lennon who Said “Before Elvis there was nothing”!

This book is but one tiny example of the impact Elvis has had on one life. It commences with Dorian Baxters encounter at the age of five, with the King of Rock n' Roll. In my capacity as an Anglican Archbishop, educator, motivational speaker, entertainer, politician, and activist, Elvis remarkably permeates them all. This predominantly visual presentation of my personal tribute to Elvis Presley includes my artwork, my words and the incredible talent of my personal photographer John Steven Fernandez. It is indeed a collaborative effort between John, myself, and the amazing editorial skills of my daughter Malaika.

About Author

Archbishop Dorian Baxter B.A., O.T.C., O.P.P., M. Div. lives in Newmarket, Ontario, where he pastors the Anglican Parish of “Christ the King, Graceland Independent Angelical Church of Canada” within the federation of Independent Angelical Churches of North America. Dorian is a single father, who raised his two precious daughters Rachel, and Malaika from the ages of four and two respectively. Thirty-two years on, his daughters are his pride and joy, closest friends and confidants.

Dorian founded The National Association for Public and Private Accountability (NAPPA) in 1994, which is the largest accountability organization in Canada; has been actively engaged in federal politics since 2003; and has been the president of the Progressive Canadian Party of Canada since 2009.